Millionaire’s Playbook: 3 Secret Stocks the Wealthy Are Investing in Now

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About wealth creation, the playbook of millionaires is shrouded in secrecy, revealing tantalizing glimpses into their investment strategies. Picture this: behind the closed doors of financial fortresses, a select few are unleashing a different game, navigating millionaire stocks with precision and insight.

The article dives into the heart of the first one, discovering a company wielding a diversified revenue strategy as its secret weapon, mitigating risks and fostering sustained growth across multiple business segments. Journey deeper into the second realm, where cloud dominance and customer expansion are pillars for relentless market penetration. Then, step into the third one’s domain, witnessing a meticulous balance between growth and profitability, laying the groundwork for a future where operational efficiency meets soaring margins.

This article unveils the cryptic allure of the elite’s investment choices, honing in on three enigmatic stocks hidden in the sprawling expanse of the market.


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SoFi’s (NASDAQ:SOFI) ability to diversify its revenue streams is a key strength that mitigates reliance on a single business segment. The notable 67% absolute growth (as of Q3 2023) in adjusted net revenue from non-lending businesses—specifically, the Technology Platform and Financial Services segments—illustrates the lead of the company’s diversified revenue strategy. This diversified growth cushions against fluctuations or challenges in any specific sector, reducing overall business risk.

At the bottom line, margins are consistently improved across all three business segments. This highlights the effectiveness of the company’s strategy to balance revenue sources. SoFi successfully leverages its business arms to achieve sustained financial growth.

The lending segment’s strong performance is evident from the substantial growth in net interest income, surging by 90% year-over-year to $265 million. This remarkable growth underscores the effectiveness of the lending strategy employed by SoFi. It contributes significantly to the company’s overall revenue. Furthermore, there was an impressive increase in the segment’s contribution margin to 60%, up nearly 300 basis points sequentially. This indicates efficient cost management within the lending arm. Thus, the company can effectively control lending operations expenses while maximizing profitability.

Furthermore, the expansion of total products by 45% year-over-year highlights the company’s focus on offering a comprehensive suite of financial products to cater to diverse customer needs. Even with rapid member growth, the stability in products per member at 1.5x signifies the attractiveness and adoption of SoFi’s product suite among existing members.

Finally, SoFi substantially grew its member base, adding 717K new members in Q3 2023, highlighting its successful acquisition and retention strategies. The accelerated 47% year-over-year growth in total members demonstrates SoFi’s appeal to a broader customer base and increasing market penetration.

UiPath (PATH)

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UiPath (NYSE:PATH) boasts an extensive customer portfolio comprising approximately 10,890 customers. The growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR), with customers generating $1 million or more increasing by over 30% year-over-year to 254 (as of Q2 fiscal 2024) and customers with $100,000 or more in ARR reaching 1,930, showcases UiPath’s ability to expand within its existing customer base.

On the cloud side, a significant milestone for UiPath is the exponential growth in cloud ARR. It surpassed $500 million, representing a remarkable increase of over 125%. This robust uptake underscores customers’ growing preference for UiPath’s cloud offerings. The dollar-based net retention rate of 121% suggests exceptional customer retention and upselling ability.

Strategically, UiPath’s shift towards a revamped go-to-market strategy has yielded positive outcomes, as evidenced by improved productivity and a focus on long-term opportunities. The company has led industry verticalization, particularly in banking and financial services, manufacturing and technology. Thus, this indicates UiPath’s adaptability in catering to specific industry needs, resonating well with diverse clientele and fostering deeper market penetration.

Additionally, the company has strategic partnerships, exemplified by success stories such as Ashling Partners’ contribution to ADT’s automation program. Thus, this underlines UiPath’s collaborative approach to delivering value-added solutions to its clients, enhancing customer success and satisfaction.

Finally, the company’s substantial patent portfolio boasts over 850 patents globally, with over 300 dedicated to AI. It reinforces its focus on continuous innovation and solidifies its competitive advantage. These fundamentals breed solid growth potential over the long term.

Block (SQ)

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Block’s (NYSE:SQ) strategic initiatives and operational efficiencies are critical for its sustained growth and improved profitability. The company focuses on achieving Rule 40 by 2026, combined with disciplined investments and operational optimization.

This strategic goal entails achieving at least mid-teens gross profit growth and an approximately mid-20% adjusted operating income margin. The company has laid an investment framework to guide its actions, prioritizing efficiency, disciplined expenses, and operational leverage. Meanwhile, it ensures sustained top-line growth to capture a larger market share.

Notably, Block has implemented strategic measures to optimize costs and expand margins. It emphasizes efficiency and expense control across various facets of its operations. For instance, the company plans to cap its team size at 12,000 by 2024, aiming for greater effectiveness and accountability within a more streamlined workforce.

Fundamentally, this reduction in team size will likely lead to more focused performance management, centralized functions to eliminate duplication, and a sharper alignment with the company’s strategic priorities. Also, by constraining team size, Block anticipates driving meaningful leverage on stock-based compensation as a percentage of gross profit, particularly starting in 2024.

Looking forward, the company is anticipating significant margin expansion in 2024. The company expects to deliver $875 million in adjusted operating income, marking a substantial increase of approximately four times compared to the 2023 guide. Thus, Block projects to achieve $2.4 billion in adjusted EBITDA, showcasing more than a 40% increase relative to the 2023 guide. Lastly, these optimistic projections signify the company’s confidence in its ability to continue driving fundamental growth in the years to come.

As of this writing, Yiannis Zourmpanos held a long position in SOFI. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

Yiannis Zourmpanos is the founder of Yiazou Capital Research, a stock-market research platform designed to elevate the due diligence process through in-depth business analysis.

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