Watch CNBC’s lookback at Charlie Munger’s life and relationship with Warren Buffett

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Charlie Munger wasn’t just the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway: His partnership with billionaire Warren Buffett made him half of an iconic duo in the investing world.

Watch the special lookback at Munger’s life by CNBC’s Becky Quick above.

“I would say that every time I’m with Charlie, I’ve got at least some new slant on an idea that causes me to rethink certain things,” Buffett once told Quick in an interview. “And we’ve had absolutely… so much fun with the partnership over the years.”

Munger, who died Tuesday at age 99, had helped broaden the Oracle of Omaha’s focus on the search for high-quality, undervalued names – a hallmark of their value investing style.

See CNBC’s full obituary of Charlie Munger here.

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