3 Flying Car Stocks to Ride the Trillion-Dollar Wave

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The air mobility market is steadily growing. Regulators are laying down ground rules for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. This means we are nearing commercial availability.

“Flying taxis will happen; it’s a question of ‘when,’ not ‘if,’ as stated in article from McKinsey, expressing confidence in the sector.”

Additionally, an analyst from JPMorgan says the sector could reach a trillion-dollar market in the future, and we are at the early onboarding stage of a growing industry. So, it’s a good time to buy flying car stocks

Let’s look at three flying car stocks that investors should consider if they want to invest in a new stock. To get my list, I used the criteria of buy ratings from analysts and ongoing certifications with aviation authorities.

By only considering companies with ongoing certifications, I’m focusing on ones with the best chance of reaching commercial viability shortly. So, let’s take a look at the results. 

Archer Aviation Inc. (ACHR)

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If you’ve been following the developments in air taxis or urban air mobility, Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE:ACHR) may sound familiar.

The company has been aggressively pushing for the commercialization of eVTOLs in the market. Its vehicle, Midnight, can travel up to 100 miles at up to 150 mph and hold up to four passengers. Furthermore, it has already been granted Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) final airworthiness criteria, bringing it one step closer to commercial flight. 

The good news doesn’t stop there. The company recently announced that it is now South Korea’s KakaoMobility eVTOL Partner. The deal comes with an initial $7 million installment that Archer Aviation Inc. can use to fund early commercialization efforts in the country. This further boosts ACHR’s position as a future global urban air mobility behemoth. 

Archer Aviation Inc.’s Q1 financials stated that its key systems have passed rigorous tests ahead of “for credit” testing. This reveals that R&D is progressing smoothly as the company nears its planned commercial launch. 

Meanwhile, Wall Street analysts continue to rate Archer Aviation Inc. as a strong buy due to its healthy market position. If you invest in new tech that could shake other industries, ACHR stock could be the next AMZN or NVDA.

Joby Aviation Inc. (JOBY)

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Another leading name in the race toward the commercialization of eVTOLs is Joby Aviation, Inc. (NYSE:JOBY). 

JOBY partners with NASA and recently acquired the autonomy division of Xwing Inc. This enables it to move closer to autonomous operations by allowing pilots to supervise flights remotely from the ground. 

Further, JOBY recently signed an MOU with the Mukamalah Aviation Company to ship its eVTOLs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These air taxis allow up to four passengers to travel at 200mph.

A series of positive catalysts have accumulated that show promise for the company’s success. Its continued expansion of the Ohio and California facilities will help build, test and fly eVTOL commercial air taxis for future flights. 

Additionally, it has passed the FAA’s airworthiness criteria. This came after it initiated system-level tests and more than 1,500 eVTOL flights, making it the first electric air taxi company to receive that status. It’s no wonder analysts rate it as a buy. If you are looking for flying car stocks leading the charge, you should look out for JOBY. 

Eve Holding (EVEX)

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Eve Holding (NYSE:EVEX) was developed by Embraer, one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. The company aims to provide passengers and cargo with an efficient solution to evade traffic congestion in various areas through eVTOLs.

Also, Eve Holding develops an Urban Air Mobility system to manage and support the company’s and third-party-owned eVTOLs as an efficient transport ecosystem. The company already finalized its eVTOL architecture, which will commence full-scale prototype production and be used for future certification.

Currently, the company is undergoing dual certification from the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil and the FAA for its 2026 entry into service. This will give it a strong international foothold that can lead to further expansion. 

Eve Holding continues to focus on R&D expenses, which reached $27.5 million for the first quarter of 2024. Despite that, it lowered its net quarterly loss, highlighting management efficiency. 

BAE Systems, a defense technology company, has issued a letter of intent through Embraer to purchase 150 eVTOLs from Eve Holding. This gives the company another potential revenue source in addition to commercial operations. 

Analysts rate EVEX stock as a buy. If you want flying car stocks with excellent potential and international exposure, you might want to consider EVEX.  

On the date of publication, Rick Orford did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace.com Publishing Guidelines.

Rick Orford is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, investor, influencer, and mentor. His work has appeared in the most authoritative publications, including Good Morning America, Washington Post, Yahoo Finance, MSN, Business Insider, NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC News.

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